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Attaching to BC Hydro poles, towers and ducts

Are you a business, land use authority, city, municipality or First Nations community looking to attach your equipment to BC Hydro infrastructure such as poles, towers and underground ducts?

We can assist you with your attachment projects on qualified transmission and distribution structures (poles, towers and ducts), while ensuring that public safety and reliability of electrical service is maintained.

Common examples of attachments

  • Communication companies that need to install wireless antennas, fibre or coaxial cable, and power supply boxes
  • Municipalities that require fibre connectivity between municipal buildings using our underground duct banks
  • First Nations communities that want to deploy internet or telephony services
  • Any other company that puts their equipment or cables on or in our infrastructure

Reports, policies & related documents

Important policy notification

Fiscal 2020-2021 Performance Metrics 

Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Performance Metrics

How to start an attachment request

New customers

If you're a new customer, send us a completed Master Agreement Application Form, which will include the details of your organization and your proposed equipment for attachment, and all supporting documentation.

If your proposed equipment meets the required standards and your application is approved, we will issue you a Master Agreement. Once you have that agreement, you can send requests for Specific Permit of Occupation (SPO), which specifically authorizes you to occupy space on BC Hydro structures. If your equipment doesn't meet required standards or our structures are not suitable or available for attachment, we will discuss options and potential solutions.

Existing customers

If you already have an existing Master Agreement with BC Hydro for your approved equipment, then you can send us your requests for Specific Permit of Occupation (SPO). This will include your project specific attachment proposal, all required supporting documentation, and the submission fee (plus applicable taxes).

Available attachments and uses on BC Hydro infrastructure

Distribution overhead wood poles for facilities

This type of attachment are for fibre, coax, power supply and cathodic protection boxes, as well as wireless antenna and/or radio equipment.

For maintenance inquiries, please contact

Mid pole wireless attachment installations

For maintenance inquiries, please contact

Distribution overhead wood poles for pole top wireless equipment

For maintenance inquiries, please contact

Distribution fibre in duct installations

For maintenance inquiries, please contact

Transmission towers for wireless antenna attachment

For maintenance inquiries, please contact

Transmission structures for fibre optic cable attachment

For maintenance requests, please contact

Microwave towers

For maintenance requests, please contact

Fees & payment

Application fees effective January 1, 2021

Effective January 1, 2021, please refer to the following application fees:

Electronic fund transfers (EFT)

We have provided instructions for setting up an EFT account and submitting an EFT Payment:

Payment submissions

Submission fee payments must be sent to the address below. Be sure to use the correct address to make sure your fee is processed quickly.

Shared Assets
BC Hydro
Edmonds B03
6911 Southpoint Drive
Burnaby, B.C. V3N 4X8

Getting Started

Step 1. Submit your application.
Step 2. BC Hydro will perform a viability review.
Step 3. BC Hydro will complete a make-ready design.
Step 4. BC Hydro will complete make-ready construction.
Step 5. Sign an Agreement and install your equipment.

Once we've received your detailed project information and the application fee, BC Hydro will perform a viability assessment to determine if the identified infrastructure can accommodate your proposed attachment.

In some cases, our infrastructure will need to be upgraded or "made ready" for your attachment. All costs associated with the design and installation of this make-ready work and/or the installation of your equipment are the responsibility of the applicant. Our team will contact you by email and let you know the best way to move forward.

If you don't see the type of attachment you're interested in, please email us so that we can help. Be sure to mention whether you want to attach your equipment to BC Hydro's distribution or transmission infrastructure, so your request is handled by the appropriate team.

How long will your attachment request take

Timelines are dependent on the size and complexity of the project. Once a request is received, our team will provide an estimated timeline for the project based on scope and pre-construction requirements.

Project requirements that can affect timelines

  • Make-ready work required
  • Railway, pipeline, water, or highway crossings
  • Permits required
  • Environmental impacts
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Location (urban, rural, or remote)
  • Engineered solutions
  • Geotechnical and structural assessment
  • Radio-frequency interference study
  • Electrical modelling study

How to reach us

We can help you with your attachment requests. Please submit your forms by email.