Meter Choices

In 2013 a small number of our residential customers were offered a choice of meter.

The choices


Fees for non-standard meters recover the additional costs of adding and maintaining resources, equipment, and systems that were automated by our modern meters from our customers who want a choice. Like all BC Hydro fees, these fees were reviewed and approved by the B.C. Utilities Commission.

What if…

If you're a Meter Choices customer and:

  • The legacy meter at your home breaks or its Measurement Canada certificate expires – beginning in August 2018, we will replace more than 7,000 legacy meters to comply with Measurement Canada requirements over the next year. Customers with meters that need to be replaced will be notified in advance and will have the option replacing the meter with a standard smart meter or radio-off meter.
  • Your bill is estimated - you'll be credited the portion of the fee that covers meter reading.
  • You move – you can choose between a radio-off meter and a smart meter at your new home, because we can't relocate legacy meters.

You'll remain eligible to make a choice until you accept a standard meter.

If you have questions about your meter choice not answered here, please email us