Irrigation Rate

About Irrigation Rates

The Irrigation Rate is available for motor loads of 746 watts (1 horsepower) or more for irrigation and outdoor sprinkling, where electricity will be used principally during the irrigation season. If your electricity use is for other purposes, contact us to see if there's a more appropriate rate for your account. Irrigation accounts receive service under rate schedule 1401 of the Electric Tariff.

Irrigation Season – March 1 to October 31

The irrigation season may be extended up to November 30, at BC Hydro's discretion, to permit customers to fill reservoirs necessary for operation of the irrigation/sprinkling system.

Important note: You must send your request for an extension of the season to BC Hydro before October 31.

Energy Charge

All kWh at $0.0612 per kWh.

Minimum Charge

$6.12 per kW of connected load (pump motor size rated in kilowatts) per month. Charge will apply whether consumption is registered or not.

Note: If an irrigation pump motor is rated in horsepower, the conversion from horsepower to kilowatts is:

hp x 746 watts/1,000 = kW

Non-Irrigation Season – November 1 to February 28

Energy Charge

First 150 kWh at $0.0612 per kWh.

Additional kWh at $0.4852 per kWh.

Minimum Charge

First 500 kWh at $0.

Additional kWh at $48.94 per kW of connected load.

Meter reading and billing

Meter readings are normally taken three times per year. For the irrigation season, two bills will be provided.

  • The first bill following the mid-season reading for the greater of the energy charge or the Minimum Charge for the period March 1 to the mid-season reading date.
  • The second bill following the end of October reading for the greater of the energy charge for the season or Minimum Charge for the season, less payment received for the first billing charges.

For the non-irrigation season, one bill will be provided.

  • Following the March reading (on or about March 1)

To help ensure that your meter can properly register your consumption and communicate the information back to BC Hydro, please do not turn off any electricity breaker upstream of the BC Hydro meter during the non-irrigation season.

Please note that in the event of differences between the details noted here and the official Electric Tariff issued by BC Hydro, the official Electric Tariff will prevail.