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Time-of-day usage tracking tips

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Monitor your time-of-day usage with MyHydro

If you're on a time-of-day rate plan, you'll want to be thoughtful about when you use electricity. The tracking tools available in your online MyHydro account allow you to see trends and identify opportunities to shift and save.

Log in to your account regularly to track and understand your time-of-day usage patterns.

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Monthly view

In MyHydro, the monthly view provides a summary of your usage across every day in the billing period.

What it shows you:

  • How much you used: The height of the bars in the graphs indicates total usage in kilowatt-hours (kWh) per day.
  • When you used it: The colours on each bar show you a visual comparison of how that day's usage was split between the three time-of-day billing periods.
Time-of-day graph example - Tier1 and Tier2

What to look for:

  • Days with a lot of red: Those are days when you use the most electricity during the expensive, on-peak period. Monitor this monthly to see if your household is sticking to smart time-of-day habits.
  • Days with a lot of dark blue: On those days, you used the most electricity during the discounted, overnight period. Keep it up!
  • When you hit Tier 2: When the bar graph changes to the striped pattern, that indicates you passed the Tier 1 pricing threshold and are now paying higher prices for all usage. Some customers in smaller homes never reach Tier 2, and for farms, tiered pricing doesn't apply.

Remember, off-peak usage (light blue colour) has no discounts or surcharges. Standard Energy Charges apply during the off-peak period.

Hourly view

To see your hourly data, click or tap on any of the daily bars in the graph. This will open up your hourly usage breakdown for that day.

Time-of-day graph example - daily and hourly

What it shows you:

  • How much you used: The height of the bars in this graph indicates how much electricity you used during that hour.
  • When you used it: The colour of the bar indicates which time-of-day billing period it's in.

What to look for:

  • The red bars: The lower these are, the better, because it's the expensive, on-peak period of the day. All on-peak usage counts toward your total surcharge for the billing period. Consider if any of your usage during those hours could be moved to the off-peak period – light blue – to reduce your surcharge.
  • The light blue bars: You're not paying any additional surcharge for usage during this time – standard pricing applies. Consider if any usage during these hours could be shifted to the overnight – dark blue – period to get discounted pricing.
  • The dark blue bars: High bars are OK here, as it's the overnight period. All overnight usage counts towards your total discount for the billing period.

Tips to shift and save

There are many ways to shift your household usage to different times of the day to get the most out of your time-of-day rate plan.

Tips to save with time-of-day pricing