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Business customer resources

We’ve pulled together our most popular business resources to help make it easy for you to manage your account with us. If you need support with any of the services listed here, contact us or reach out to your Key Account Manager.

Your usage & billing

Log in to your online MyHydro account to view your business’ electricity use, view and pay your bills, and manage other account services.

Log in to manage your account


Other helpful account resources

Electrical services

Manage electrical service at your business and find our most popular resources related to electrical standards and safety.

Start, move, modify or cancel your service

Move or cancel your electrical service

You can submit a request online to move, start or cancel BC Hydro electricity service at your business in just a few steps.

Move or cancel your business service

Electrical connections

If you need to add BC Hydro service at a location that doesn’t have an electrical connection yet (such as a new development), you'll need to apply for a new electrical connection.

Need help with new connections? Contact our Express Connect team at 1 877 520 1355 to follow up on existing requests.

See also: Industrial connections

Connection costs

View our electrical connection fees for the cost of installing overhead or underground service and meters at your business location(s).

Engage with us early and often

If you’re considering a new, large electrical connection project, keep us informed from the start. Engage with an electrical consultant early in the building design/redesign process to ensure adequate space is allocated for electric service requirements.

Then, reach out to your Key Account Manager and/or our design department to share your plans and anticipated timeline. Note that design projects can take up to 18 months to complete.

If we need to add infrastructure such as power lines, poles, and transformers, or increase the capacity of our system so you can receive electric service from us, you may need to pay for an extension.

Learn more about electrical extension requests

Extension fees

Programs and incentives for businesses

Explore the programs we offer to support businesses with energy efficiency, electrification and more.