Transmission Rates

Customers with transmission accounts use large amounts of energy and invest in electrical infrastructure that allows them to receive service at high voltage. Most transmission accounts receive service under rate schedule 1823 of the Electric Tariff.

Minimum Charge $7.902 per kVA of billing demand per billing period.
Demand Charge $7.902 per kVA of billing demand.
Energy Charge 1823A $0.04632 per kWh applied to all kWh.

Energy Charge 1823B

$0.04120 per kWh applied to all kWh up to and including 90% of the customer's baseline load (CBL) in each billing year.

$0.09232 per kWh applied to all kWh above 90% of the CBL in each billing year.

Rate Rider

The Rate Rider covers additional and unpredictable energy costs resulting from, for example, low water inflows or higher-than-forecast market prices.

5% Rate Rider applied to all charges, before taxes and levies.

Please note that in the event of differences between the details noted here and the official Electric Tariff issued by BC Hydro, the official Electric Tariff will prevail.