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Electrical service connection forms and guides

View or download our forms to help you prepare for your residential, commercial or industrial electrical connection project. When you're ready, you can apply for connection services online.

Before you get started, be sure to familiarize yourself with our technical standards and guides. These include overhead and underground requirements, revenue metering requirements, class of work specifications, requirements for customer-owned primary services at 4 kV to 35 kV and related advisories.

Residential and commercial connections

Industrial connections

Information request form for transmission or distribution connections required by industrial customers or customers needing a large connected load of 5,000 kW or more:

Customer-owned primary services supplied at 4 kV to 35 kV statement form

Telecommunications equipment attached to municipal poles

This form is for municipalities to provide the information we need when a telecommunications service provider is attaching or removing equipment to municipal poles.