Street Lighting Services

About street lighting service with BC Hydro

BC Hydro supplies power to approximately 350,000 street lights across B.C. We're also responsible for maintaining street lights attached to our poles on public property while street lights not attached to our poles typically belong to the local municipality, city, regional district, Ministry of Transportation, First Nation or nearby commercial property owner.

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Photo of a street light attached to a BC Hydro wooden pole
Street lights attached to wooden poles on public property are maintained by BC Hydro.
Photo of a metal street light
Street lights attached to metal (or concrete) poles belong to the local municipality, city, regional district, Ministry or Transportation, First Nation or nearby commercial property owner.

We provide two street light options on public property.

  • In locations where there are BC Hydro poles, municipalities, regional districts and other local authorities can request that we install street lights to the existing BC Hydro poles. We install and maintain the street lights, and customers pay a higher monthly charge which includes the cost of the street lights, installation, on-going maintenance and electricity use. This option is suitable for those who don't have the capital budget available to install their own lights.
  • In locations where there are no BC Hydro poles or for customers who prefer to design, install and maintain their own street lights, public customers (such as municipalities or commercial customers) can request new street light connections or expansion of existing street light connections. Customers are responsible for purchasing, installing and maintaining these street lights and pay only for the electricity use. This option is best suited to areas where there are no BC Hydro poles available or if the spacing between existing BC Hydro poles isn't suitable.

Street light rates

The type of street lighting service required will determine the rate your account is on. In some cases, customers are charged a flat rate amount each month for their electricity use. To ensure your account is up to date, it's important that you contact us immediately if you are planning to make or have made any changes to your existing street light services.

Learn more about Street Lighting Service rates.

Street light repairs

To report a street light that needs repair, including lights that are attached to our poles, contact your local municipality, city, regional district, Ministry of Transportation or First Nations office. Before contacting them, have the following information available so that they may be better able to assist you:

  • The problem with the light (for example, light is out, light is flickering, light or pole is damaged).
  • A nearby address or intersection location.
  • If available, the Pole ID number (located on a label attached to the pole).
Photo of a BC Hydro wooden pole and its Pole ID
The Pole ID number is usually located on a label on the pole at approximately shoulder height.

Public requests for street light repairs in your neighbourhood aren't processed directly by BC Hydro, so please contact your local authority to request a repair.

Managing your street light accounts

Customers with Overhead Street Lighting, Public Area Ornamental Street Lighting and Traffic Control Equipment accounts can manage their street lights using the Street Light Information Management System (SLIM).

With SLIM, you can request and track repairs, additions, modifications and removals for street lights maintained by BC Hydro. You can request additions, modifications and removals for ornamental (including dimmable) and street lighting and traffic equipment. You can also view and create reports for your requests.

Log in to SLIM

If you don't have a SLIM log in, email or call us at 1 877 453 6575 and we'll set you up.

Need help with SLIM?

To learn more about what you can do in SLIM and how to easily manage your street lights, review our new user guide [PDF, 619 KB].

Questions about your street light account?

If you have any questions about your street light account or bill, contact us at 1 800 BCHYDRO (1 800 224 9376).

BC Hydro's street light replacement program

BC Hydro owns and maintains over 95,000 street lights attached to our poles and we recognize there is interest in the status of our conversion of these from high pressure sodium (HPS) and mercury vapor to LED street lights.

We're currently reviewing the options available to our customers. These include light wattage, light colour and light distribution. In addition, we're considering our customers' needs for dimming, street light failure outage notifications and smart city requirements.

In addition, we've been consulting with communities on a LED street light rate structure to ensure that existing customer needs are considered and accommodated and plan to file a rate design application with the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) in late 2019.

We anticipate starting the conversion to LED street lights in the spring of 2020.