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Transmission Generator Interconnections

Applying for the 2024 Call for Power?

BC Hydro is planning to acquire clean or renewable energy from new resources through a competitive electricity acquisition process (CEAP). If you plan to submit an interconnection request for CEAP, please see our CEAP submission documents and instructions.

The Transmission Generator Interconnection team assists generator owners who would like to connect to the BC Hydro transmission system (over 35 kV). We will be able to help you if you are:

  • An Independent Power Producer (IPP) who intends to sell power to BC 
  • A customer using one or more generators to offset your load consumption (also called load displacement);
  • An existing customer adding or replacing a generator to your facility or making any material modifications to your existing facility; or
  • A generator owner who would like to synchronize your generator to our network./li>

We'll assist in determining the best interconnection process for you, depending on your site location and proposed power output of the generator.

For interconnections under 35 kV, see distribution generator interconnections.

BC Hydro's Transmission Standard Generator Interconnection Procedures (SGIP) are governed by our Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT).

For information on selling energy to BC Hydro please review information on our current offers.

Connection process overview

Requests for interconnection are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Each interconnection request is reviewed for technical compatibility to ensure the proposed generator is able to be connected and to assess the impact of the proposed generator on our systems and facilities.

Here's a brief overview of the transmission generator interconnection process. Specific details on the steps are available in the Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT), Attachment M-1, Standard Generator Interconnection Procedures.

1. Interconnection Request

To initiate a transmission generator Interconnection Request (IR), a customer must submit a $15,000 application deposit (plus applicable taxes) and two completed versions of the Transmission Generator Interconnection Request Form  [XLS, 102 KB].

The two versions of the form that you'll need:

  • A PDF (signed and stamped by the project's engineer of record)
  • An MS Excel version of the same file.

Note:  Applications can be submitted by email. All cheques must be mailed to the Transmission Generator Interconnections team. You can find the address at the bottom of this page.

After we receive both an Interconnection Request form (IR) and the required $15,000 application deposit from you, we will give your proposed project a tentative queue position in the Generator Interconnection Queue, based on the date and time your IR was received.

Next we evaluate your application and we'll let you know if there is any additional information that we need from you. We call missing information or any needed clarification "deficiencies." You as the customer have 10 business days to clear up any deficiencies to our satisfaction. Once we have all the information that we need, your application is considered complete and your tentative queue position will become your official queue position.

Read more about the Generator Interconnection Queue.

2. Feasibility Study (optional)

This optional study will consist of a power flow and a short circuit analysis and provide a list of facilities and a non-binding good faith estimate of cost responsibility and an estimated time to construct. BC Hydro will use reasonable effort to complete this study within 60 calendar days.

Submission requirements:

Please note that all study costs will be reconciled upon completion and billing will be based upon actual costs.

3. System Impact Study

This study will evaluate the impact of the proposed interconnection on the reliability of the transmission system. This study will consider the Base Case as well as all generating facilities and identified network upgrades that may have an impact on the request.

The System Impact Study will consist of a short circuit analysis, a stability analysis and a power flow analysis. It will provide a list of facilities that are required to support this request and a non-binding good faith estimate of cost responsibility by the interconnection customer and an estimate of construction time. BC Hydro will use reasonable effort to complete this study within 150 calendar days.

Submission requirements:

4. Facilities Study

The study will provide a cost estimate of the equipment, engineering, procurement and construction work needed to connect the customer to the transmission system. It will also identify:

  • The electrical switching configuration of the connection equipment
  • The nature and estimated cost of upgrades to the interconnection facilities and network upgrades necessary to accomplish the interconnection
  • An estimate of the time required to complete the construction and installation of such facilities.

Submission requirements:

  • Written notification that you would like to proceed with a Facilities Study
  • $150,000 study deposit (plus applicable taxes)
  • All additional technical data requested by BC Hydro

5. Standard Generator Interconnection Agreement

This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the interconnection. Following the signing of an agreement, we will initiate construction and commissioning of the identified Network Upgrades. Once online and operating commercially, we continue to provide support to independent power projects (IPPs).

Standard Generator Interconnection Agreement, Attachment M-1, Appendix 5, OATT [PDF, 527 KB]

Reports, policies & related documents

Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Performance Metrics

Fiscal Year 2021-2022 Performance Metrics

Fiscal Year 2022-2023 Performance Metrics

Other related documents

Merchant Transmission Line Requirements

Transmission Operating Orders

Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT)

The Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT) Attachment M-1 and appendices contain the complete Standard Generator Interconnection Procedures and sample agreements.

  • Standard Generator Interconnection Procedures (SGIP) including SGIA Attachment M-1
  • Interconnection Feasibility Study Agreements Attachment M-1 – Appendix 2
  • Combined Study Agreement Attachment M-1 – Appendix 3
  • Optional Interconnection Study Agreement Attachment M-1 – Appendix 4
  • Standard Generator Interconnection Agreement Attachment M-1 – Appendix 5

Revenue metering requirements

For details about revenue metering requirements, please go to our technical standards and guides.

How to reach us

Please contact us as your first step in the process so that we may assist you in moving your project forward in the best possible way. All payments must be sent to this address.


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