Generator Interconnection Queue

The Generator Interconnection Queue is a mechanism that ensures that valid Interconnection requests are processed in the order they are received.

The queue functions generally like a "line-up" in that requests submitted earlier will proceed through the interconnection process before those submitted later. This means that the system model used for lower queued studies will include existing projects as well as the results of higher queued studies.

Generator Interconnection Queue – May 17, 2019 [PDF, 20 KB]

On August 28, 2018 the BC Utilities Commission approved [PDF, 157 KB] BC Hydro's application for the temporary suspension of transmission and distribution generator interconnection processes as they relate to Standing Offer Program (SOP) projects, pending the outcome of the comprehensive review of BC Hydro.

As a result, interconnection work for SOP projects will be suspended, and affected projects will maintain their queue position until the comprehensive review of BC Hydro is complete. Please contact the SOP program if you have questions.

No. The Standard Generator Interconnection Procedures (SGIP) and distribution interconnection process and associated agreements are temporarily suspended as they relate to SOP projects.

Until further order of the BCUC:

  • the SOP Projects will maintain their current queue position under the SGIP and the distribution generator interconnection processes; and
  • new interconnection requests for SOP projects, will not be accepted into the interconnection queue.

Yes. If you wish to have your deposit refunded please make request to your contact in the customer interconnections group and the balance of funds will be returned and your queue position will be maintained. The deposit will need to be returned to BC Hydro prior to any advancement of your project at a future date.