Meter Choices

In 2013 a small number of our residential customers were offered a choice of meter.

See also: Radio-off meters update

The choices


Fees for non-standard meters recover the additional costs of adding and maintaining resources, equipment, and systems that were automated by our modern meters from our customers who want a choice. Like all BC Hydro fees, these fees were reviewed and approved by the B.C. Utilities Commission.

What if…

If you're a Meter Choices customer and:

  • Your bill is estimated - you'll be credited the portion of the fee that covers meter reading..
  • The legacy meter at your home breaks or its Measurement Canada certificate expires – you'll receive a replacement radio-off meter, because we no longer have legacy meters in stock.
  • You move – you can choose between a radio-off meter and a smart meter at your new home, because we can't relocate legacy meters.

You'll remain eligible to make a choice until you accept a standard meter.

If you have questions about your meter choice not answered here, please email us

Radio-off meters update

For the approximately 1,400 BC Hydro customers who have chosen to have a radio-off meter at their residence, the radio in those meters is disabled through a setting within the meter's operation. With the radio turned off, the meter is unable to send or receive messages to or from BC Hydro’s network.

However, BC Hydro recently discovered that a very small number of residential radio-off meters sent signals to BC Hydro's network for a short period after they were installed. The signals were intermittent and sent – for a maximum of 25 days – before they stopped, and simply let the network know that the meter had been installed successfully. They did not send BC Hydro any data about these customers' accounts, nor did BC Hydro transmit data to the meter.

A thorough investigation revealed that 300 meters with a specific configuration had this issue. A change in work procedures and configuration was developed to ensure that all new radio-off meters are unable to emit this signal. We are also implementing additional monitoring so we can be confident the radio-off meters continue to function as we expect.

To compensate for the 25-day period that the meters did not function as expected, we will be issuing an on-bill credit for one month of the radio-off charge ($20 plus GST) to all affected customers.

We have advised the British Columbia Utilities Commission (BCUC) of this issue and have also written to all affected customers.