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To continue with your move request you need to create a MyHydro profile. We keep your personal information private. See our Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for details

Please use your legal first and last name to establish a new account with BC Hydro.

We can't accept generic addresses (e.g. Please use an individual address (e.g.

You'll receive a confirmation email to set up your password, which you can complete after submitting your move request.

Privacy Note

Prior to using the following validation process offered by Google, please be aware that Google may collect information based on their data collection policies. Such data may include information like your IP address, browser type, OS version, and the fact that you're dealing with BC Hydro. If you don't want such information to be collected by Google, please do not use this online validation service and, instead, call the 1 800 224 9376.

BC Hydro collection of personal information

In order to be able to use many BC Hydro facilities offered online (e.g. MyHydro, Team Power Smart, etc.) you need to establish an online profile with BC Hydro.

To establish a profile, you need to provide BC Hydro with some personal information (i.e. your name and your email address, mobile number, password, and security question and answer). BC Hydro collects this personal information solely for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the profile and enabling you, should you so choose, to access and use the above-named online facilities.

BC Hydro offers these online facilities in furtherance of its mandates under the Hydro and Power Authority Act, the Clean Energy Act, and the BC Hydro Electric Tariff regulated by the BC Utilities Commission under the Utilities Commission Act. If you have questions about the collection of your personal information as described in this notice, please contact BC Hydro's Customer Service at 604 224 9376 or 1 800 224 9376 outside the Lower Mainland.