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Moving & service requests

You can submit a request online to move, start or cancel your electricity service, or to open a new BC Hydro account.

There's one account required per service address, and you can manage multiple accounts online by logging in to your MyHydro profile.

Move or cancel your electrical service

For existing residential and business customers who want to move or cancel their electricity service.

New BC Hydro customers and additional accounts

If you're a new customer to BC Hydro and need to open your first BC Hydro account, start by signing up online. Existing customers can open accounts for additional properties such as rental, vacation, other residential properties or business locations.

Construction and renovations

You can also submit requests online for new service connections or service upgrades.

If you need to add BC Hydro service at a location that doesn’t have an electrical connection yet (e.g. a new condo development, vacation home, cabin), or to modify or disconnect and existing connection (e.g. for a renovation), go to electrical connections.