Online billing

Go paperless with your BC Hydro bill

Now you can receive your bill details in an email notification without logging in when you choose detailed bill notifications. You'll receive your bill amount, due date and a summary of your electricity usage by email when your bill is ready. See a sample.

Opt in to detailed billing notification emails to make payment easier whether you already manage your account online or are ready to make the switch to paperless.

If you currently receive only a paper bill, it's easy to switch to paperless billing and choose the detailed bill notification.

  1. Sign up for MyHydro. We just need your name, email, a password and a security question to get started.
  2. Link your account to your MyHydro Profile. You'll need a copy of your most recent bill. Once you've linked your account, you'll automatically be set to receive an online bill.
  3. Select the option for detailed bill notifications to receive your bill amount, due date and a summary of your electricity usage in the email.

If you're already on paperless billing and want to receive a detailed bill notification.

  1. Log in to MyHydro
  2. Select Account Settings under the "Manage Account" box on the right-hand side once you've logged in.
  3. Select the option for detailed bill notification to receive the new detailed emails when your bill is ready.

Benefits of choosing online billing

  • Email bill notifications ensure that you receive your bill sooner and can access it at any time. Choose detailed bill notifications to get the most out of online billing.
  • Set up a preauthorized or equal payment plan with online billing to make payment easier.
  • Access your electricity usage history data weekly, daily and hourly. People who track their electricity usage online with MyHydro save an average of 10%.
  • Get a PDF version of your bill anytime by logging into MyHydro.