HydroHome Trial

General Information


Thanks for your interest in participating in our HydroHome trial. The trial will start in June and runs approximately two years. To apply, fill out the application form below.

There are two apps that we're testing as part of this trial. Both function very similarly. Once you register, we'll assign you to one of the apps based on select criteria, and will send you email instructions in June for how to download the app and get set up. Please read the terms and conditions for both apps before you register for the trial.

Read the terms and conditions for HydroHome A.

Read the terms and conditions for HydroHome B.

Date Saturday June 1, 2019 - Wednesday September 30, 2020

BC Hydro is collecting your personal information related to your home, home energy usage and home energy management systems in furtherance of its electricity conservation mandate under the Clean Energy Act. The purpose of this collection is to ensure that we select the most appropriate participants for the Trial and to ensure that we efficiently operate and evaluate the Trial. If you have any questions about how BC Hydro collects, uses, or discloses your personal information with regards to the Project, please contact Tim Mosley, Project Manager, at 604 623 4580.

Contact Information

* First name
* Last name
* Email
* BC Hydro Account #
* I have a Rainforest Eagle Yes
* I will be purchasing smart home devices for my home within the next year Yes
* What is the approximate square footage of your home? 0 to 1,000 sq. ft.
1,001 to 2,000 sq. ft.
2,001 to 3,000 sq. ft.
Over 3,000 sq. ft.
* Do you have air conditioning? Yes
* How do you heat your hot water? Electric hot water tank
Electric tankless system
Gas system or gas tank
* What is your primary heating source in winter? Electric baseboards
Electric under floor heating
Central heat pump
Ductless heat pump
Electric furnace / forced air
Gas / oil furnace
Gas / wood fireplace
Wood stove / pellett stove
* Terms and conditions I have read and agree to both HydroHome A and HydroHome B terms and conditions.
I have read and only agree to the HydroHome A terms and conditions.
I have read and only agree to the HydroHome B terms and conditions.

* Consent to BC Hydro to use my information I consent to BC Hydro using my energy usage data, data collected in this form and information associated with my BC Hydro account for the trial.
* Confirm I confirm that the information contained within this form is correct.