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Thanks for your interest in in our upcoming energy management technology trials. Please complete the form below to register.

Once registered in our database, you may be contacted by BC Hydro with an invitation to participate in a specific trial. Registration does not guarantee you will be chosen to participate in a trial. It could be up to 24 months before you are contacted with an invitation, and there's no obligation to accept.

Energy management technology trials will be conducted over a two-year period from May 2018 to June 2020.

Date Tuesday May 1, 2018 - Tuesday June 30, 2020

BC Hydro is collecting your information for the purposes of administering and evaluating the BC Hydro Conservation and Energy Management Program ("the Program") in furtherance of its mandates under the Hydro and Power Authority Act, the Clean Energy Act, and the BC Hydro Electric Tariff regulated by the BC Utilities Commission under the Utilities Commission Act. BC Hydro may also collect personal information in the course of administering the Program.

If you have any questions about how BC Hydro collects, uses, or discloses any personal information with regards to this program, please call us 1 855 929 5814. If you are having technical problems with this site or the registration process, please contact

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* How frequently do you have your HVAC units maintained/serviced by professional HVAC company?

Which automation technologies you currently use in your business:

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* Wi-Fi communicating lighting control system (e.g. LIFX, Hue, etc.) Yes
* Wi-Fi communicating power outlets / plug devices (e.g. Smart Wi-Fi plugs and outlets) Yes
* Smart / Wi-Fi communicating appliances (e.g. Wi-Fi connected kitchen and laundry appliances) Yes
* Wi-Fi communicating security cameras Yes
* Do you use a special device to track your business' energy consumption? (e.g. energy monitor to see your energy use in real-time) Yes

Which of the following smart phones you use:

* iOs device (e.g. iPhone, iPad) Yes
* Android device (e.g. Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, etc.) Yes