Unmetered services

BC Hydro relies on customers to self-report light or equipment additions, modifications or removals to ensure its billing records stay up-to-date. In some cases, this is not done timely or accurately, resulting in us under or over-billing customers. This can also create administration challenges as we work to make these billing corrections.    

To help clarify our self-reporting requirements for unmetered services customers, we’re  planning to submit an application to the BC Utilities Commission (BCUC) later this year to amend the Electric Tariff Terms and Conditions.

We want your feedback

We want your feedback on our proposed Electric Tariff amendments and any suggestions you may have to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the unmetered services billing.

Please provide your feedback by Thursday, September 17 using the online form.

The BCUC will make a decision on our application and customers are welcome to participate in this open and transparent regulatory proceeding. Learn more about how you can participate.

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