Single-residential new building & renovation connections

Steps to submitting your single-residential service connection request online

Working with your electrical contractor will help ensure that you have all the correct information you need when:

  • Installing a new electrical service
  • Requesting a construction service connection
  • Changing an existing service
  • Removing a service connection to your home

By setting up or signing in with their online BC Hydro profile, your electrical contractor can:

  • Request the correct service required for your home address
  • Enter all the required electrical details
  • Send you a link to apply or confirm your profile application

You can apply or confirm your application for service any time by linking your profile to your electrical contractors request. You can also:

  • Confirm and accept service charges
  • Monitor the status of your service connection request

Our team of coordinators will check your application when:

  • Your electrical contractor has completed all the necessary steps
  • Your electrical contractor has provided us with the online declaration to safely connect your service
  • You have accepted the connection charges

In this final step, our team will dispatch the connection request to our qualified BC Hydro Power Line Technicians and/or Meter Technicians to install the wires and meter to your home.

Start connection request    Create a profile

What if you already started a request?

You may have already started a connection request with us on the phone. You may view your connection request through MyHydro. You may also link a connection request to your account through its connection request number.

Reference guides and technical information

It is important to know your service details before you start the service connection request. Our reference guides are here to help make sure you have all of the information you need.