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Single-residential new build & renovation connections

Express connection

Our express connection service is used to:

  • Set up a basic electrical connection,
  • Connect a construction site,
  • Change an existing connection, or
  • Remove an existing connection.

Learn more about the express connection process, charges and requirements below. Ready to get connected? Create and manage connection requests online.

Types of work that can be expedited with an express connection

If you answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions, you should proceed with an express connection request.

Otherwise, your request should likely be handled as a design project instead.

Service location

  • Is your service location within 30 metres from a BC Hydro pole or property line?
  • Will the meter be located on the exterior of the structure or connection point?

Service size

  • Does your request require an electrical connection that is 200 Amps or less?
  • Does your request require either a single-phase 120/240 V or 120/208 V?

Understand express connections

Manage your request with MyHydro

You can submit a request and manage existing requests online using your computer, smartphone or tablet within MyHydro. View request status and timelines, share documents and more.

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Have questions about using MyHydro? Review our guide [PDF, 828 KB]