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Payment options for Electrical Service Design customers

Launched on April 29, 2019, we now offer electronic banking options for the payment of design connection deposits and construction costs for our Electrical Service Design customers.

Benefits & changes

With online banking:

  1. You’ll have a more efficient and convenient way to pay for costs
  2. You’ll still have a 1 to 1 relationship with a BC Hydro Distribution Designer
  3. Payments can be made at any time (day or night)
  4. Payments will be cleared faster
  5. Design payments can be easily tracked
  6. You'll receive formal invoices
  7. Automated receipts will be sent within 3 business days after your payment is processed

You can use online banking to pay design connection deposits, construction costs including design, material, and construction estimates.

There is not an option for pre-authorized payments.

As a first step, you will need to complete an Authorization Form [PDF, 79 KB] with preliminary requirements. This will help us to set up your account and facilitate invoicing, accepting any payments, and providing receipts.

Next, you'll now be able to pay online or in person through your financial institution, or
by mailing a cheque. However, you’ll no longer be able to pay in person at a BC Hydro office.

Ways to pay

With your existing online banking access select "BC Hydro" as a payee and the Account Number shown on the invoice you are wishing to pay. This number is noted in the top header and under "Total due".

If you don’t have existing online banking access, please contact your financial institution to set up access, and then you can follow the payee selection process.

If you have multiple projects with us, you’ll be given a unique account number for each project.

Yes, you can pay in person through your financial institution and by cheque if preferred. Payments by cheque may take up to 5 working days to process.

Your local BC Hydro office will no longer accept payments for Design projects. Payments should be made to BC Hydro. Payments must be mailed to the following address (please note the change of address):

PO Box 9501 Station Terminal,
Vancouver, B.C. V6B 4N1

Payments must be received by BC Hydro, and cannot be post-dated. Please be sure to allow enough time for us to receive your payment by the due date shown on the invoice.

If you need to correct a payment or need to follow up on payment, contact our Contact Centre at 604 224 9376 or 1 800 224 9376 (toll-free).

Each design will have a unique account number. If you have multiple invoices with the same account number, you may make one single payment for the total amount. If you have invoices for multiple projects with different account numbers, you'll need to make individual payments.

If you have any questions about making payments, please call 604 224 9376 or 1 800 224 9376 (toll-free).

Online banking limits vary and typically are determined with your bank when you set up your account.

You may be able to increase your limit, even temporarily to facilitate your payment(s). Alternately, you can bring the invoice(s) to your bank and pay directly from your account. Your financial institution will also be able to answer any questions you may have regarding additional online payment options. Remember, any payment should reference your project account number.

Invoices & receipts

When you initiate a project you'll receive an Authorization Form [PDF, 79 KB] where you can provide your email address. Your invoices and receipts will then be sent to you via email from This is a no-reply email address which you may want to add to your safe senders list to ensure you don't miss any messages. By providing an email address you'll receive your invoices faster and make it easier for us to communicate with you directly regarding your project.

Without an email address, we'll mail your invoice via Canada Post, which may result in project delays.

Design project invoices, payments and receipts will not be visible on your MyHydro account; these projects will be set up as accounts separate from your BC Hydro electrical account(s).

Please call our Contact Centre at 604 224 9376 or 1 800 224 9376 (toll-free) to request a copy.

Authorization for Payment form

Yes, to start your design project you'll need to complete and submit an Authorization Form [PDF, 79 KB] for payment for each design project. Please contact your BC Hydro Distribution Designer(s) for specific project requirements.

It's your responsibility to inform BC Hydro if there is any change to the location of the Project Site listed on the Authorization Form [PDF, 79 KB] during the Work.

It's the responsibility of the Account Holder to inform the BC Hydro Distribution Designer if there's a change in ownership of the property where the Work is being performed or if there has been a change to the invoicing and payment recipient.

A new Authorization Form [PDF, 79 KB] must be completed by the new Account Holder. BC Hydro will not be responsible for correction after invoices are issued.