Multi-residential & commercial connections

Steps to submitting your multi-residential service connection request

Once your submitted form has been reviewed, your design representative will:

  • Provide you with a preliminary information letter that outlines the minimum requirements and the amount of your design deposit.
  • If required, provide you with a design duration timeline to aid with the timing of design and construction activities.
  • Provide an estimated design delivery date.

Following the request and project initiation, our design representative will provide you with the following:

  • A design and cost estimate
  • A request, when required, for additional drawings, documents, and/or agreements to complete the design
  • A cost quoted in writing, subject to obtaining municipal and any other required approvals
  • An outline of our mutual responsibilities concerning the balance of the project

Full payment must be received prior to any work beginning.

Responsibility for installation is normally shared as follows:

  • Supply / installation of most civil materials and labour on both public / private properties (subject to municipal requirements) is the customer's responsibility.
  • Supply / installation of all required BC Hydro electrical materials (e.g., transformers, cables) up to the service delivery point (main switch, overhead connection point or meter base) will be scheduled and installed by BC Hydro after the completion of all customer civil and or electrical works and acceptance by BC Hydro.
  • Pole installation on private property is the responsibility of the customer. Please consult with your local Design office for more information.
  • Pole installation on public property is planned and installed by BC Hydro and is subject to municipal approval.
  • The Customer's contractor will install metering transformers, meter bases, and communication conduits, if required, as per the BC Hydro standards and requirements for Meter communication.
  • All work may require inspection from BC Hydro to ensure it meets our standards and is safe to proceed to the energization stage.

Energization of the project will be scheduled upon the receipt of:

  • Necessary approvals, permits from appropriate authorities, including municipal, electric inspection and other utilities.
  • Execution of all required documents, including application for service, service agreement(s) and rights-of-way, as required.
  • Completion of metering identification and receipt of electrical room keys.