Multi-residential & commercial connections

Learn the process, complete the forms, give us a call

Multi-residential and commercial project connection requests can be more involved, so they're not done online. Start your electrical connection preparing the required Electric Service Information form [PDF, 590 KB] and a service meter application form [PDF, 596 KB], and then call us at 1 877 520 1355.

Connections process, step by step

Below is a list of what we need from you (along with what we do) during the connections process. Note that the steps you need to prepare for and complete are in bold.

  1. Tell us about your request
    • Contact BC Hydro at 1 877 520 1355
    • Tell us what and where you want to connect
  2. We confirm the project scope and tell you what we require
  3. You send us the requirements and the design deposit OR you engage a Customer Build program engineering service provider, who's independent of BC Hydro
  4. We design your project and provide you with an anticipated in-service date
  5. You confirm the plan and send us payment
  6. You complete your construction responsibilities
  7. Your work may require a BC Hydro inspection to ensure it meets standards
  8. We complete our construction responsibilities:
    • We'll reconfirm the in-service date based on when you've completed your construction responsibilities
    • We'll construct the electrical infrastructure and energize your project.
  9. Your project is complete.

View a printable PDF of the connections process [PDF, 64 KB] for your reference.

For more details process information, please review the Electric Service Information form [PDF, 590 KB].

Reference guides and technical information