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Electrical service extensions

Connecting to our electrical system (extensions)

If we need to add infrastructure such as power lines, poles, and transformers, or increase the capacity of our system so you can receive electric service from us, you may need to pay for an extension. We'll provide a design and a quote for construction costs.

Multi-residential and commercial project connection requests can be more involved, so they're not done online. Start your electrical connection requests by preparing the required Electrical Service Information form [PDF, 147 KB] and a service meter application form [PDF, 596 KB] before calling us at 1 877 520 1355.

Connections to our system must meet the relevant overhead or underground service technical requirements.

Extension fees

The extension fee is your share of the cost of poles, transformers, wire/cable, and underground conduit, along with other construction costs necessary to receive service from us. Your cost may be reduced by our contribution towards extensions, and any credits you may qualify for.

BC Hydro contributions for Rate Zone 1

Rate Class BC Hydro maximum contribution
Residential $1,475 per single-family dwelling
General service $200 per kW of estimated billing demand
Street lighting $150 per fixture
Irrigation $150 kW of estimated billing demand

For regulatory information about our extension fee policy, please read section 8 of our Electric Tariff [PDF, 4.9 MB].

Extension fee refunds

If new customers connect to your extension within five years of the in-service date, you may be eligible for a refund [PDF, 238 KB].  

To request a refund, complete the extension fee refund application [PDF, 114 KB].

Extension fee assistance for homes and farms

We offer financial assistance [PDF, 1.8 MB] toward the cost of electrical extensions to serve principal residences, principal residences on farms, and farm irrigation.


If you need an extension with an expected maximum demand greater than 100 kW, you may need to provide us with a guarantee in the form of cash or a letter of credit. The maximum amount of the guarantee will be equal to all or part of our contribution toward construction costs, held for a period of up to five years after the in-service date.

How guarantees are evaluated

At the end of the guarantee period, we'll re-evaluate our contribution toward the extension costs. The calculation is based on the number of customers connected to the extension, and the average electricity demand of those customers over the guarantee period.

Based on the re-evaluation, we may refund the guarantee, either in whole, or in part. Please note that no interest will be paid on the guarantee.

Example of a guarantee calculation

You build an extension for a service with an estimated demand of 5,000 kW per month. We provide a contribution toward construction of $200 per kW of estimated demand. You provide a $1,000,000 guarantee for five years, which is equal to our contribution toward construction:

5,000 kW estimated demand x $200 per kW of estimated demand = $1,000,000

After five years of service, we review your account and determine that the actual average monthly demand is 4,000 kW, which is lower than the original estimated demand. We will keep $200,000 and return $800,000 of the guarantee:

4,000 kW x $200 per kW = $800,000